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About us

We, at IPJugaad (EdWit Edutech (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.), are on a mission to make college education easy & affordable for students. As much fun as college is, it can be pretty chaotic when you're trying to figure our what the best content is for you to read for your exams. Bulky & expensive books, cluttered notes written in bad hand-writing and what not, there's simply no easy way to get a hang of the right content.

Those are the problems we faced when we were in college and thought there has to be a better way. There are over 35000 colleges in India affiliated with over 900 universities teaching over 36 million students, all facing this simple problem.

When we started the first prototype, we didn't know if this problem is so serious. We launched a basic prototype of the website with a few 100 papers. Next thing we know, today, IPJugaad has been used by over half a million students and has served over a million previous year question papers. Amazing haan!

Not yet! We're now starting to provide much more than just previous year question papers and to many more students studying in various universities. Soon, you will be able to get verified notes, solved question papers and even licensed books from all major publication houses. Not only this, you will be able to take notes and mark important segments to study later right on the portal.

So stay with us, the way you study is soon going to change forever!