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(a) Find the class intervals if the arithmetic mean of the following distribution is 33 and assumed mean 35: 

(b) "Statistics is a bundle of lies". Comment.


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    Stastics is bundle of lies:

    It’s because statistics can be manipulated to “prove” anything someone wants them to “prove,” if the person being presented with such “proof” doesn’t know enough about how such stats were created, the sample size, etc., to see the flaws in the numbers.

    Example: If someone tells you that, statistically, eighty percent of people surveyed say vanilla is their least favorite flavor, does that make you wonder if you’re the odd one out because you happen to think vanilla is rather tasty? What if the “people surveyed” were just one person’s immediate family, whom they asked while at a birthday party for a child, and said, ‘No, let’s have butter pecan ice cream with the cake, it’s so much better than vanilla’? Does the ‘eighty percent agree’ part of the statistic now have any real meaning other than ‘A handful of people in the same family like butter pecan better than vanilla as an ice cream flavor’?

    If the sample size is too small or somehow limited in a way that skews the results, or if some of the data is thrown out when it doesn’t conform to the desired result, or if the thing being measured has no real connection to what the numbers supposedly “prove,” statistics can misrepresent the facts or even be used to spread deliberately false information.

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